tirsdag den 5. marts 2013

Lost Elegance @ Underwerket, friday night

 Claudia and Molle

Went to see Dennis play with the band at Underwerket and after that we went to Understellet. 
Magnus Ø is wearing a really cool shirt from Asos with birds on it, I'm wearing a bralet from Topshop and dennis a shirt from Cheap Monday and beanie from Adidas.

(S)chool days

Still winter in Denmark
Anna: Jacket from Ragged Priest, hoodie from H&M, shorts from Topshop, shoes from Moonspoon Saloon for Topshop, vintage-sweater and beanie.
Dennis: Chinos from Topman, t-shirt from Adidas, and vintage camo-jacket from Episode.

mandag den 25. februar 2013

Androgynous and Adidas




Dennis in UO bomber jacket (female model), vintage Adidas beanie and Cheap Monday jeans.


 Last bit of the infamous trip to Prague

 Magnus Ø

Had a cup and a chat with the boys. Magnus' apartment is our preferred place to stay. Wonder why.